We are Rook

A high performance team in cloud services

Specialized on backend solutions, AWS services, Infrastructure as Code, CI/CD.

Our services

Agile and efficient by design. We leverage cutting-edge technologies to provide long lasting, cost-effective and quality solutions to reduce projects time to market. We believe in a collaborative approach to problem solving, more open minds solve issues faster.

5+ years of experience working with AWS, Python, React, Terraform, Cloud Microservices, C, C++, IoT, ML/AI and OpenCV.

About us

We are an unconventional organization because we believe that that’s what the present requires. We work in an agile and collaborative way, where culture is the engine that thrusts the excellence in quality of the services we provide.

We offer services that prioritize new technologies and that generate impact on the communities around the organizations we work with.

We are interested in challenging projects that require a global, participative, active and disruptive vision.

Rook is a concept​

It is honesty, innovation, transparency, responsibility, commitment and humility.


We work to align the interests of every partner, participating, listening and building in a collective way.


Bonding goes beyond of what's at plain sight and excellence goes beyond the technical aspects. We focus on building relationships that last in time and that generate high impact solutions.


We leverage new concepts and technologies on top of well known working experiences to build efficient and groundbreaking solutions.

High Performance

Cooperation, Excellence and Disruption would not be achievable without our desire of finding our best version. This constant quest is our High Performance guarantee.